Joining NPC can open your practice up to a world of benefits.

Our mission is to streamline your processes, allowing your team to focus their time on clinical activities. By taking responsibility for recruitment, building management and other administrative duties, we are able to offer an attractive, efficient and safe approach to the clinical coding and medicine tasks of practice.

Focus on Care

By removing monetary and business operation distractions as much as possible, your staff are able to truly focus on the quality of care for patients.

Focus on Support

NPC support teams through education, CPD, mentorship, and coaching with a focus on wellbeing, satisfaction and retention.

Focus on Continuity

You’ll continue to hold the GMS/PMS contract with NHSE without personal liability, as well as continuing to work with the same team.

Your practice’s local identity is crucial to its success.

At NPC we understand the importance of a general practice’s place within a community. Your identity is rooted in the fabric of your area and we want to uphold that. All NPC practice partners remain key to decision-making, troubleshooting and service innovation. We’ll work with you to make sure you remain at the beating heart of your community.


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