By joining NPC, partners retain their GMS/PMS contract with NHSE, but sub-contract the delivery of the contract to NPC. This provides a firewall for all personal liabilities to partners as well as removing non-clinical burdens.

Partners are appointed to a salaried partner role with a guaranteed salary and practice workforce all TUPE into NPC, meaning NPC takes responsibility for all employment. NPC also then becomes the tenant and Northumbria FT can become the landlord for the premises. Finally, each practice manager continues with their role as before, but with support from NPC’s HR Manager, Finance Manager, Communications Manager and the NPC Management Team.

This means that your patients continue to see your team, from your building, but with a greater level of stability and resilience from a larger, supportive organisation. We aim to help you improve support to your patients and remove as much of the non-clinical burden as possible. Whilst this is a decision each practice must consider with the long term in mind, joining NPC is deliberately not an irreversible process.

  • Remove personal liability

    By joining NPC, partners remove their personal liability, whilst taking on the role of a Salaried Partner

  • No change to clinical delivery

    Your patients will continue to be seen by faces familiar to them, in the location they’re used to.

  • Greater support

    When you join NPC, your practice manager gets access to our Management Team who provide support across a range of areas.


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